Welcome to LLagman Design. Larry Lagman, the owner and designer of this site, has been designing art in many forms since he was a young boy. From the time he could hold a crayon, his parents knew that he was destined to be an artist. He graduated from The High School for Creative & Performing Arts in Philadelphia majoring in Art and Music. After high school, he further continued his education at The Arts Institute of Philadelphia where he earned his degree in Animation & Multi-Media Arts. He received the Dean’s List Award and a Merit Scholarship for the entire school year for his excellent works in the fields of visual arts. Moreover, he was granted Best Portfolio Award for the Fall 1995 and Winter 1995 semesters. He finished his internship at a local graphic design and animation studio in the City Line area which gave him a constructive approach and hands-on experience in design.

After college, he was offered his first job at a gaming design company in Philadelphia. He accepted that position at entry level which gave him more hands-on experience that further advanced his career. When he decided to move on to another firm, he became the Senior Graphic Designer and Videographer. He designed everything from simple business cards to billboards, truck graphics, Web sites, posters, brochures, flyers, 3D-modeling, and video productions.

While learning all these trades from work, he gained a great deal of experience and decided to branch out on his own and build his clientele.

Please take a look at his site and view some of his work. If you have any questions or want to obtain more information about how he can help you, please feel free to contact him. Thank you.

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